WHat Is A HAcker

22/06/2011 15:43

 Since most people have different views on "What is a good hacker?",

I think you got the kind of hacker that is defined by the government,

and the kind of Good Hackers

now we want to discus the Good hacker part,

I thought iTpHo3NiX had a really good idea of what that could be:

I think you got it wrong Huntondoom. A good hacker has nothing to do with that stuff. That's just describing someone who is not a skiddy. Hackers seek information and share it with the world. Its all about the flow of information. Sure a hacker can code and make tools, but so can a 13 year old kid with VB6.

What do you think about this or what is your opinion on this Subject?
and what kind of views do you have on Skiddy and Hackers?