Process Hacker

22/06/2011 15:57



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View detailed system information and performance graphs
Configure Process Hacker to alert you when new processes are started, services are created, and other events

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View processes in a tree view with highlighting
View detailed process statistics and performance graphs
Process tooltips are detailed and show context-specific information
Select multiple processes and terminate, suspend or resume them
(32-bit only) Bypass almost all forms of process protection
Restart processes
Empty the working set of processes
Set affinity, priority and virtualization
Create process dumps
Use over a dozen methods to terminate processes
Detach processes from debuggers
View process heaps
View GDI handles
Inject DLLs
View DEP status, and even enable/disable DEP
View environment variables
View and edit process security descriptors
View image properties such as imports and exports

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View thread start addresses and stacks with symbols
Threads are highlighted if suspended, or are GUI threads
Select multiple threads and terminate, suspend or resume them
Force terminate threads
View TEB addresses and view TEB contents
(32-bit only) Find out what a thread is doing, and what objects it is waiting on
View and edit thread security descriptors

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View full token details, including user, owner, primary group, session ID, elevation status, and more
View token groups
View privileges and even enable, disable or remove them
View and edit token security descriptors


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View modules and mapped files in one list
Unload DLLs
View file properties and open them in Windows Explorer

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View a virtual memory list
Read and modify memory using a hex editor
Dump memory to a file
Free or decommit memory
Scan for strings

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View process handles, complete with highlighting for attributes
Search for handles (and DLLs and mapped files)
Close handles
(32-bit only) Set handle attributes - Protected and Inherit
Granted access of handles can be viewed symbolically instead of plain hex numbers
View detailed object properties when supported
View and edit object security descriptors

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View a list of all services
Create services
Start, stop, pause, continue or delete services
Edit service properties
View and edit service security descriptors

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View a list of network connections
Close network connections