Make Money Online

19/06/2011 14:11

 How to make money online ? This is the question everyone ask and used to search on google,but 99% they get wrong answer ,and they go to wrong direction just because of some survey sites and some scams.No one is sitting there to pay us for nothing ,we have to do efforts for making money.

Actually Online Money making is not so difficult ,but not so easy also.Ill mention some genuine and smart ways of making money through internet:

Blogging : Blogging is the best way to earn regular income ,maintaining a blog is good practice for students, professionals and for everyone.Their are many good companies which provides secure & free blogging services.
>> Blogger      :
>>Wordpress  :

You can download Blogging E-books from here

Post good attracting content on your blog to attract traffic and to make them come again there. Help people by making good posts so that people can follow your blog. Make possible ways to popularize your blog like SEO ( Search engine optimization) Download here . Search engine optimization is used to increase traffic on your blog and making your blog appear on first page of blog.It will help u in increasing your blogs ranking on alexa and search engines.

Make a website page on facebook and share it will all your friends.This will help you to increase traffic on your blog.
Submit your blog to all the search engines like google,yahoo,bing,ask,altavista etc.
Submit your blog to blog directories & blog listings.

Place Advertisement on your blog .You can get ads from many advertising companies like:
Yahoo publishers
Google adsense
chitika ads
infinity ads 
Many more companies are der.

You can make a huge amount of money by advertising on your blog.Many people in the world make money just by blogging.
To learn blogging and SEO you can download E-books from the links given above,or wait for my next post on good blogging techniques and search engine optimization .

Selling : Selling your e-books ,softwares,articles,notes,keys,source codes etc is also a good way of earnings.As lakhs users used to search these things on internet and even they are used to pay for that also.

E-marketing : E-Marketing is also another way of earning online.Thousands of companies are there who offers affiliate marketing  for their users. They used to pay 20% or more for the each product sell on your reference's.
Corporate Infocom
Many more are there !!!