How to download files form hotfile with multiple IP

19/06/2011 14:44


How to download files form hotfile with multiple IP


How to download files form hotfile with multiple IP.

 In this post  will show you how to stop hotfile premium account to being free if many user use this account simultaneously.

   Hotfile provide account per IP (owners IP address) and hotfile also trace the IP where the account being used. and if they trace that the account is using in other location or running in multiple IP addresses, the account automatically run into free..

Heres the solution and follow the steps below:-

Once Freak Hacks gives you an account, don't try to log in the account into thier sites instead just install IDM (you can find it by googling)

Q) Why IDM? 

Ans) IDMecause it also bypass the IP tracer of Hotfile. (IDM- Internet Download Manager)

Once you install IDM, click the 'DOWNLOADS' in upper menu, and then OPTION.. then the IDM CONFIGURATION MENU will pop up. click the SITE LOG INS at the tabs and click NEW in the lower part.

After that put at the vacant slot next to slot written https:// then type the USER NAME and PASSWORD provide by Freak Hacks toyou.. 

if you are going to download hotfile link, open the link by your favorite browser, as i said "DONT TRY TO LOG - IN"(this is only to check that the link is valid or working).

Now if its working, copy the address - go to IDM - click ADD URL and IDM will outomatically put the link you've copy. then pres OK.

Then a confirmation if you are going to downlod the file pop out and you will see an html icon or log in the right side say what kind of file you are going to download. If it turns to .rar file it means that the account is still premium, if its not and still html file means the account is not working anymore(maybe only free user or the owner of the account would have changed the password).